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CARDI Strategic Plan 2013-2015
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CARDI: Strategy 2013-2015

6th December 2013,


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CARDI: Strategy 2013-2015

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CARDI today (6 December 2013) launched its new strategy document. The strategy outlines CARDI's vision and goals for the period 2013-2015. You can now read the document.

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Online government - Offline older people? CARDI Summary

18th November 2013,

On Friday 25 October 2013, CARDI launched a new research report on e-government and older people. Professor Irene Hardill, University of Northumbria was the lead researcher on the project. CARDI prepared a short summary document entitled Online Government-Offline Older People?


Senior Citizens and Europe: actors and partners of Europe

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Intergenerational research - a multilingual compendium

23rd October 2013, GENERATIONES

Research in the analysis of the dynamics of private and public intergenerational relationships, including international and cultural comparisons, is a popular and important theme in the social and cultural sciences, politics, and practice. For this reason, an understanding of the conceptual foundations – one that takes into account the diversity of languages – is helpful.