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Vulnerable older people in the community: relationship between the Vulnerable Elders Survey and health service use.

5th January 2008, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Objectives: The Vulnerable Elders Survey (VES), a recently developed screening tool for at-risk older people in the community, has been validated in the United States. This study evaluated its profile in older Irish people. It assessed whether those categorized as vulnerable according to the VES were likely to use health services more frequently than others.

Design: Nationally representative cross-sectional interviews.

Settings: Private homes in the community.

Participants: Randomly selected older people (aged > or = 65) (N=2,033; 68% response).

Public Policy for Older People The Age Agenda for Northern Ireland 2007

1st January 2007, Age Concern Northern Ireland

This is the first Age Concern Northern Ireland (ACNI) review of Public Policy for Older People – the Age Agenda for Northern Ireland on our policy position papers, responses to consultations and research publications. As a leading voluntary organisation representing older people, we hear their views, their concerns, their hopes and their aspirations on a daily basis. These are reflected in our assessment throughout the Review.an assessment of the main issues which affect the lives of older people in Northern Ireland. It draws




Ageing in an Inclusive Society - Promoting the Social Inclusion of Older People

2nd March 2005, Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister

Following consultation the Older People strategy document, 'Ageing in an Inclusive Society' was launched in March 2005 and sets out the approach to be taken by Government to promote and support the inclusion of older people in Northern Ireland. An action plan for the financial year 2005/06 has been established and will be actioned during the course of the year.


Older people and voluntary action: citizenship, civic

3rd September 2007, Centre for Voluntary Action Studies, University of Ulster North and South

This paper offers an examination of the way in which welfare users’ organizations are structured by the political economies of welfare states, drawing on preliminary findings from comparative research into the two jurisdictions in Ireland. It argues that whilst the social base of voluntary action among older people is similar in both parts of Ireland, in Northern Ireland a plethora of partnership arrangements and the legal structure of the devolved administration itself have created an institutional voice for older people, which is largely absent in the Republic of Ireland.

A Social Portrait of Older People in Ireland

3rd February 2007, The Economic and Social Research Institute

This report aims to bring together some facts and figures about older people in Ireland today, drawing on a range of statistical sources and studies. It provides both a snapshot of the current situation and some discussion of recent trends and prospects for the future. The information will be particularly useful when developing policies that affect older people, such as the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion) and policy on pensions.  We start the report by describing the main trends in numbers of older people and their importance in the overall population.

Older People in Northern Ireland: Report 5: Older People in the Republic of Ireland

3rd June 2005, Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research

This is our fifth and final report in a series of publications relating to the needs and circumstances of older people. The first four reports focussed on Northern Ireland. We commenced with a broad overview of the position of older people in this part of the United Kingdom. The second report dealt with income and poverty amongst persons of pensionable age. This was followed by a review of data relating to the health of older people and their caring responsibilities.