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NICE aims to prevent falls in older people with new guidance

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Nursing Times
Fuel poverty issue for older people in NI

The Bigger Picture: Understanding disability and care in England’s older population

10th March 2015, Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre

Research from Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre reveals that over 2 million pensioners struggle with the most basic day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, 70,000 of the most disabled pensioners do not get any form of paid or unpaid care at home.

Excess winter deaths and morbidity and the health risks associated with cold homes

10th March 2015, NICE

Guidelines on excess winter deaths and cold homes have recently been published on the NICE website. You can also find the supporting evidence, as well as all the stakeholder comments that were received during consultation and the responses to these comments. NICE have also produced an equality impact assessment to support the guideline. Read more here.

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Journal of Frailty and Aging

16th February 2015, Journal of Frailty and Aging

Discover the latest issue of the Journal of Frailty and Aging Volume 3, Issue 4, published on December 1, 2014. Topics discussed in thisedition include clinical trials for Sarcopenia in older patients with hip fracture, use of the Clinical Frailty Scale for frailty identification, the perioperative care of older and frail patients, and the impact of frailty on post-acute rehabilitation outcomes. Website:


Older People Remaining at Home

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