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Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Carer Stress on Subsequent Institutionalisation of Community-Dwelling Older People

22nd June 2015, PLOS ONE

In the caregiving literature there is a common assertion that a higher level of carer stress is a critical determinant of premature ending of homecare. However, this contention has not been systematically assessed. This analysis carried out by researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (published in PLOS ONE) systematically reviewed and meta-analysed the prospective association between various forms of carer stress and subsequent institutionalisation of community-dwelling older people.

Department of Health (ROI) Statement of Strategy 2015-2017

22nd June 2015, Department of Health (ROI)

The Department of Health (ROI) recently published its Statement of Strategy 2015-2017.  It sets out five major themes for action over the next few years. These include Healthy Ireland - improving our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a nation; improving patient outcomes and patient safety; moving towards universal health care; investing in IT and modernising o infrastructure; and embedding structural and financial reforms. Read more here.

Blood protein may indicate risk of Alzheimer's disease

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Aspire: Age Sector Platform 20th edition

17th June 2015, Age Sector Platform

The 20th edition of aspire - Age Sector Platform's magazine - is now available to view online.

This year the format of the Pensioners Parliament changed and inside this edition you can read all about the first two ‘themed parliaments’ – on fuel poverty and health & social care.  This edition also features the launch of a significant piece of research into older people’s views of the health service here; and the launch of a new guide to help older people feel safe.