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Long-Stay Care Ageing in Ireland

1st February 2001, National Council on Ageing and Older People

While the future development of the Irish health services is in the direction of community-based care, there will always be a need to provide long-stay residential care for some older people. Exact figures about the number of older people in long-stay care at any one time are not available but it is clear that the percentage (approximately 5%) is much lower than is commonly thought. In recent years the long-stay sector has seen a number of changes. The number of older people in geriatric and psychiatric hospitals has fallen while the number in private nursing home beds has increased.

Carers Ageing in Ireland fact file

1st February 2001, National Council on Ageing and Older People

Many older people are completely independent in activities of daily living and do not rely on their family for care. They contribute greatly to Irish family life. There is considerable evidence of their contribution through everyday emotional support, companionship and advice, gifts, care for ill and dependant relatives, care for grandchildren, shopping and running errands for relatives and doing housework or repairs.  For some dependent older people, however, the family is an important source of care and support.