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Older People Getting Smarter, But Not Fitter: Study

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Dementia rates lower than feared in Europe

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Older people warned over alcohol consumption

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Engaging older people in sports and physical activity

17th August 2015, Council on Ageing (Australia)

Engaging older people in sport and physical activity is the focus of a new resource targeting sporting, recreation and fitness clubs to help them reach out and involve seniors.

Produced by COTA Victoria and funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria, the resource aims to connect older people as participants, volunteers and spectators in sport and leisure programs.  Read more here.

CARDI Involvement

CARDI Focus on... the health of older women in employment

17th August 2015, CARDI

The age of qualification for state pensions is increasing in both the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI). The aim of the policy change is to create a sustainable state pension system given the rise in life expectancy.  However, it is important that policymakers fully understand and take account of the health impact of introducing longer working lives especially for those in caring roles.