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Older people who lose jobs 'less likely to find new ones'

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Irish Independent

Social partners’ involvement in pension reform in the EU

14th October 2013, Eurofound

The reform of pension systems is arguably one of the key challenges for social policy in Europe in the context of demographic change. In recent years, the issue has been very high on the policy agenda across all EU Member States and in Norway. While several countries have introduced pension reforms over a decade ago, the economic crisis and the ensuing debt crisis have prompted a further wave of reform. These have largely concentrated on the sustainability of public pensions and on increasing the effective retirement age, with some changes proving very controversial.

Don't let skills of the elderly go to waste

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The Independent

Older workers still have much to offer

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The Telegraph
CARDI Involvement

CARDI E-bulletin July/August 2013

29th August 2013, CARDI

Our monthly e-bulletin provides up-to-date information on ageing research including seminars, funding opportunities, latest research and innovation.


Women approaching retirement and the self-employed to gain from single-tier pension reforms, employees in their thirties to lose

22nd July 2013, Institute for Fiscal Studies

From 2016 the existing two part state pension system is to be replaced by a new single-tier system.

The new state pension is expected to be set at around £146 per week; restoring the state pension to the same level of generosity relative to average earnings as it was in the early 1970s.

A new report published today by researchers at the IFS, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), examines how the proposed reforms affect different types of individuals and contrasts the short- and long- term effects of the proposed reforms which are found to differ dramatically.