'From the Workhouse to the Home: Evolution of Domiciliary Care Policies in Ireland' forthcoming 2007

15th January 2007, Dublin University Law Journal

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Older People in Northern Ireland: Report 1: Setting the scene

3rd October 2004, Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research, Queen’s University Belfast

This is the first of a series of fact sheets to be published over the coming year on the needs and circumstances of older people in Northern Ireland. By older people we mean persons aged 50 years or over. The impetus for this project derives from a number of concerns raised by members of voluntary organisations and others representing older people.

A Social Portrait of Older People in Ireland

3rd February 2007, The Economic and Social Research Institute

This report aims to bring together some facts and figures about older people in Ireland today, drawing on a range of statistical sources and studies. It provides both a snapshot of the current situation and some discussion of recent trends and prospects for the future. The information will be particularly useful when developing policies that affect older people, such as the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion (NAPinclusion) and policy on pensions.  We start the report by describing the main trends in numbers of older people and their importance in the overall population.