TILDA Wave 2 Data

18th May 2015, TILDA

The Wave 2 data from TILDA are now available from the Irish Social Science Data Archive at UCD:

An updated version of the Wave 1 data is also available from ISSDA, along with new release notes for each wave.

You can now also find the study documents to accompany the TILDA waves. Please click here for the links to download them.

CARDI Involvement

CARDI Leadership Programme in Ageing Research: Leaflet

15th September 2014, CARDI

In 2014 and 2015 The Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland funded nine post-doctoral Fellows in a £2 million investment to develop future leaders in research on ageing and older people.

 The CARDI and CARDI-Beeson Fellows will carry out research over the next three years into ageing issues with the aim of improving the lives of older people across the island of Ireland.

Read more about the programme and fellows in this leaflet

CARDI Involvement

CARDI 2007-2015: An Overview

23rd September 2015,

Since its establishment in 2007, the Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI) has been committed to building a strong and lasting community of researchers in ageing in Ireland, North and South.

This report provides a flavour of the work that has been undertaken since CARDI’s establishment. It has been an exciting journey watching our thoughts move into action. We are delighted that ageing research in Ireland, North and South, is flourishing and the spirit of co-operation across the island of Ireland is now stronger than ever before.

Changes ahead - a letter from the Co-Chairs of CARDI

Demographic and health profile of older adults utilising public health nursing services in Ireland

8th September 2015, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA)

A new report by The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) on older people’s use of public health nursing services in Ireland was launched today by Dr. Catriona Murphy of TILDA at the annual general meeting of the Institute of Community Health Nursing. The report examines the demographic and health profile of those utilising Public Health Nursing services and their satisfaction with the service. The study was commissioned by the Institute of Community Health Nursing (ICHN).

Key findings include:

Dementia rates lower than feared in Europe

News Source: 

Irish Times