Multimorbidity—older adults need health care that can count past one

16th February 2015, The Lancet

The health-care needs of older people with multimorbidity, and the extent to which these needs are met, are sharp exemplars of the challenges faced by health-care systems across the world in the 21st century. The increase in longevity in developed and developing countries alike is a testament to the success of 20th-century medicine and economic and social development. Research, policy, and action have transformed our ability to prevent infant mortality, to prevent and treat infectious diseases, and to prevent and treat the great killers in midlife such as heart disease and cancer.

Building bridges between neuroscientific evidence and policy

16th February 2015, The Lancet

Calls have been made for closer integration of research evidence in the decision-making process of the European Union (EU). However, scientists and policymakers are often left disappointed by each other; the scientists because they feel that they are not listened to by policymakers, and policymakers because the advice from scientists is not what they expected or because they find it unintelligible.

Genio Annual Dementia Conference 2014: presentations

20th January 2015, Genio

On Friday 12th December 2014 in the O'Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin Genio hosted almost 200 healthcare professionals, family members, academics, carers and volunteers working with and supporting people with dementia to hear from national and international experts in the field. Presentations and videos from the conference are now available at its website here.

Hydration and Older People in the UK: Addressing the Problem, Understanding the Solutions

7th January 2015, International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK)

Dehydration can have a severe impact on health and well-being, leading to functional and long term health problems, particularly in older people, but as yet this is rarely reflected in the development of nutrition and health policy.