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Physical activity, ageing and health

6th June 2014, CARDI

Older people are missing out on the potential physical and cognitive benefits associated with exercise according to new research. The study, funded by CARDI, led by Dr Elaine Murtagh, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, examined the relationship between health and physical activity among older people using official datasets. The resulting report underlines the importance of remaining active as we age. It also highlights the need to develop innovative programmes to encourage those who are most inactive including older women to take up some physical activity.

Sporting celebration for Limerick’s older people

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Limerick Post

Older people should not reduce exercise

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Irish Health
Exercise reduces depression

Exercise reduces depression in older people

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Research reveals roles for exercise and diet in ageing, depression

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Society for Neuroscience

The association between retirement and age on physical activity in older adults

31st October 2013, Age and Ageing

Retirement is a major life change that is likely to affect lifestyles and yet little is still known about its influence on physical activity (PA). This study objectively quantified sedentary behaviour and ambulatory activity outcomes in retired and non-retired older, community-dwelling adults.

Physical activity levels across adult life and grip strength in early old age

2nd October 2013, Age and Ageing

Observational studies do not always find positive associations between physical activity and muscle strength despite intervention studies consistently showing that exercise improves strength in older adults.

In previous analyses of the MRC National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD), the 1946 British birth cohort, there was no evidence of an association between leisure time physical activity (LTPA) across adulthood and grip strength at age 53.