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NICE aims to prevent falls in older people with new guidance

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Nursing Times
Fuel poverty issue for older people in NI

The Bigger Picture: Understanding disability and care in England’s older population

10th March 2015, Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre

Research from Independent Age and the Strategic Society Centre reveals that over 2 million pensioners struggle with the most basic day-to-day tasks. Meanwhile, 70,000 of the most disabled pensioners do not get any form of paid or unpaid care at home.

Water Flouridation, Oral Status and Bone Health of Older People in Ireland

10th March 2015, TILDA

Research led by Dr Vincent O'Sullivan, (formerly of TILDA, now based in the University of Lancaster) and Professor Brian O'Connell, of the School of Dental Science in Trinity College Dublin has found a positive relationship between higher levels of water fluoridation and oral health, among older people in Ireland.

The TILDA data showed that adults living in areas with greater water fluoridation were more likely to have maintained their natural teeth.

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Frailty and functional decline indices predict poor outcomes in hospitalised older people

10th March 2015, Age and Ageing

Admission to a Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit (GEMU) can optimise a patient's chance of functional recovery. This study from a team at the University of Adelaide aimed to evaluate the ability of several commonly used frailty and functional decline indices to predict GEMU outcomes, both at discharge and at 6 months. It found that frailty and functional decline instruments can predict older patients at risk of poor outcome. Read the paper here.