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Review of Fair Deal Scheme

TILDA findings on formal home-care utilisation by older adults

16th June 2015, TILDA

Research led by Dr. Catriona Murphy (HRB Research Fellow) of TILDA and published in Health and Social Care in the Community reveals that 8.2% of those aged 65 years and older in Ireland are utilising publicly financed formal home-care in the form of domestic help and/or personal care. This is equivalent to more than 41,000 older adults utilising these services in the Irish population. Read the report here.

Inappropriate prescribing

A Better Nursing Home Exists

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An international survey of nursing home research priorities

3rd February 2015, Journal of Post Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

This article reports the findings of a policy survey designed to establish research priorities to inform future research strategy and advance nursing home practice. The survey was administered in 2 rounds during 2013, and involved a combination of open questions and ranking exercises to move toward consensus on the research priorities. A key finding was the prioritisation of research to underpin the care of people with cognitive impairment/dementia and of the management of the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia within the nursing home.