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Inequalities in health behaviours in Ireland, North and South

29th January 2015, CARDI

Older people on lower incomes and living in deprived areas across the island of Ireland have considerably worse health than better off people of the same age, according to a study (released Thursday 29 January 2015) by researchers from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

Examining inequalities in health and health behaviours

CARDI Involvement

Project Lead

Dr Eibhlin Hudson, Trinity College Dublin


  • Dr Irene Mosca, Economics, Trnity College Dublin
  • Professor David Madden, Economics, University College Dublin
Health behaviours are significant barriers to healthy ageing but little is known about how they differ by socio-economic status.

This study examines inequalities in Ireland, north and south, in health behaviours and outputs, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, body mass index and physical activity. It also looks at changes over time.

Dr Hudson is developing a technique known as a concentration index – a single measure of inequality which can be decomposed to analyse factors underlying inequality.

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