Research finds millions of older UK home owners want to downsize

Research for Dementia and Home Design in Ireland from a Universal Design Approach

5th February 2015, National Disability Authority’s Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

New research published by the National Disability Authority’s Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) recommends that by following the principles of universal design - combined with a collaborative approach to design - it is possible for people living with dementia, their families and carers, to live longer and happier lives in their own homes. Full report available at:- http://universaldesign.ie/Built-Environment/Housing/ 

A Shock to the System: Electrical Safety in an Ageing Society

3rd February 2015, International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK)

This report from International Longevity Centre UK reveals that the current housing stock is putting vulnerable people at risk, and is not fit to allow people to age safely in their own homes, with those living in low-income households or in rural areas most affected. The report reveals serious concerns about the electrical safety of older people. More than 350,000 people are seriously injured by electricity every year and older adults are more likely to be affected - a person over 60 is ten times more likely to die in a fire than someone one aged 17 to 24.

Painting contrasting colours in living environments can help people with dementia

Dementia care: what should housing providers offer?

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The Guardian

The status of housing provisions for older adults in the UK and other EU countries

19th February 2014, Technology Strategy Board

This report outlines the case for a revolution in long term care and captures some of the supporting material that has aided the development of the Technology Strategy Board's 'Long Term Care Revolution' Programme.  It includes evidence about the views of older people and their carers in the UK, lessons from abroad, the implications for industry/providers and makes recommendations to government and industry leaders.

CARDI Involvement

Housing for an ageing population - choice, fairness and tenure

17th February 2014,

Choice, fairness and tenure were three key themes related to housing that emerged from a CARDI seminar, “Housing for an ageing population” that took place in Belfast on 13 February.

Professor Anthea Tinker of King’s College London gave the keynote address. She noted a growing emphasis on housing as a crucial ingredient in enabling older people to remain in a home of their own.

Key factors include growing numbers of people living alone, the extent of under-occupation and the poor condition of many homes.