Fair Deal Scheme

Review of Fair Deal Scheme

Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme

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Department of Health (ROI)
Fair Deal Scheme under the spotlight
CARDI Involvement

Balancing fairness and sustainability remains a challenge for long-term care policy

24th February 2015,

On Friday, 13 February 2015, Junior Health Minister Kathleen Lynch announced that the Fair Deal scheme in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) would require an additional €30 million each year to avoid waiting lists of longer than 8 weeks.The announcement was made at a time when overcrowding in A&Es in ROI and throughout the UK had reached exceptionally high levels. Much of the overcrowding was caused by older people who needed nursing home care not being able to access it in order to be discharged from hospital.

Call to end budget cap on Fair Deal care home scheme

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Irish Times

HSE National Service Delivery Plan 2015

27th November 2014, Health Service Executive

The Health Service Executive in the Republic of Ireland released its 2015 HSE National Service Delivery Plan on Thursday 27 November 2014. The plan contains some provisions regarding older people and the ageing population including GP care for over 70s and measures to deal with delayed discharge of older people: