dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, healthcare

A cross-border comparison of people presenting with symptoms of dementia in Ireland

CARDI Involvement

Project Lead

Dr Suzanne Barrett, Queen’s University Belfast


  • Dr Suzanne Barrett, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Professor Peter Passmore, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Professor Brian Lawlor, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Stephen Todd, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Bernadette McGuinness, NUI Galway
This project looked at two memory clinics, the Belfast City Hospital Clinic in Northern Ireland (NI) and the Mercer’s Memory Clinic at St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland (ROI). 

This research brief is based on the findings of the project, conducted as part of CARDI’s data mining programme, as well as additional research on the context of dementia care and diagnosis across the island of Ireland. 

CARDI grant programme