Ageing populations

Opportunity Knocks: Designing Solutions for an Ageing Society

27th July 2015, International Longevity Centre UK

This report, a collaboration between the International Longevity Centre-UK, the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre, highlights the vital role of good design, technology and innovation in planning for ageing populations.

Adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society

10th November 2014, The European Commission and the Social Protection Committee

The European Commission and the Social Protection Committee released in June 2014 a joint report on 'Adequate social protection for long-term care needs in an ageing society’. The report brings together a comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by EU countries in light of Europe’s rapid demographic ageing and suggests innovative solutions to ensure a proactive, fair and sustainable response to these challenges. 

HORIZON 2020: Working together for the benefit of all

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Irish Examiner

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Population ageing: the timebomb that isn’t?

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British Medical Journal

How to cope with an ageing population

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