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Changes ahead - a letter from the Co-Chairs of CARDI
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Getting involved in ageing research: A guide for the community and voluntary sector

24th June 2015, CARDI

CARDI recently published a guide for the community and voluntary sector about getting involved in ageing research. The guide produced by Dr Brendan Murtagh, Queen's University Belfast and commissioned by CARDI builds on previous research on user involvement in ageing research (2014). The publication provides useful information on key issues relating to participating or carrying out research projects for age sector organisations.

New All Ireland Ageing Research Awards Fund announced

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The Health Service Executive

Attitudes and knowledge of dementia

6th November 2014, ARK

In 2010, ARK carried out survey research on public attitudes and knowledge of dementia in Northern Ireland, as part of the Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey.  This is a nationally-representative social attitudes survey including adults aged 18 years or over, and 1204 individuals were interviewed in the 2010 survey.  The questions covered knowledge of dementia, perceptions of people with dementia, attitudes towards people with dementia, and capacity for independent living.  This research was funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies. 

CARDI Involvement

Why and how to get involved in ageing research: Presentations

3rd June 2014,

On Wednesday 28 May 2014, CARDI held the second of its training events about how and why to get involved in ageing research in Belfast (the previous one was held in Dublin on the 25 March). The event covered issues such as the ethics and practicalities of getting involved in ageing research for older people and voluntary and community groups and the processes involved in making participation meaningful for older people as well as issues faced by researchers.

Turning back the clock on dementia

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Queens University Belfast