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A Picture of Ageing Research in Ireland, North and South 2014
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CARDI: Strategy 2013-2015

6th December 2013,


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CARDI: Strategy 2013-2015

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CARDI today (6 December 2013) launched its new strategy document. The strategy outlines CARDI's vision and goals for the period 2013-2015. You can now read the document. User Guide

7th November 2013, CARDI

CARDI have designed a new guide for researchers to use . The guide includes instructions for use and background to the development of the site. provides an overview of 31 selected surveys related to ageing and older people. Sixteen of the datasets are from Northern Ireland and 15 from Republic of Ireland. The aim of the site is to provide a unified dataset and help researchers who are engaged in comparative research on ageing.

CARDI Involvement

10 Guidelines for Writing Policy Recommendations

25th April 2012, CARDI

A policy recommendation is written policy advice prepared for some group or person that has the authority to make or to influence policy decisions, whether that is a minister in the Republic of Ireland (ROI), or in Northern Ireland (NI), a member of parliament, a local authority, parliamentary committee or other public body such as a health or education agency. Getting a recommendation

CARDI Involvement

Stocktake of Ageing Public Policy Initiatives in Ireland, North and South (Updated August 2010)

20th August 2010, CARDI

There are currently nearly one million people aged 60 or over living on the island of Ireland. By 2031 it is expected that Northern Ireland’s percentage of people aged 60 or over will increase to 28%. It will take until 2041 to reach a similar level in the Republic of Ireland. The economic, social and political consequences of an ageing population are a challenge for policy makers. Both jurisdictions have begun to address the issue and there is evidence of an increased focus on older people at policy level, as the following initiatives highlight.

Working for Change: A guide to Influencing policy in Ireland

1st August 2008, Combat Poverty Agency

Working for Change: A Guide to Influencing Policy in Ireland by Brian Harvey (2008, Combat Poverty Agency) is a handbook for voluntary and community organisations in the Republic of Ireland on how to influence the policy-making process. The guide is targeted at community development groups and organisations actively working against poverty and social exclusion.

CARDI Involvement

Government Structures in Ireland, North and South

25th April 2012, CARDI

This document outlines the system of government in Ireland, North and South, by local, regional and national levels. It includes the functions of Dáil Éireann and the Northern Ireland Assembly, departmental roles and an outline of all-Island bodies created under the Belfast Agreement 1998. This resource aims to give a greater understanding of government structures in order to assist and encourage collaboration and cooperation in the area of ageing research within Ireland (North and South).