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Measuring age-related social exclusion in a cross-border context

CARDI Involvement

Project Lead

Dr Kieran Walsh, National University of Ireland Galway


  • Professor Tom Scharf, Social Gerontology, NUI Galway
  • Mr Padraic Ward, Health Economics, NUI Galway
  • Professor Vanessa Burholt, Social Gerontology, Swansea University
This project will identify indicators of social exclusion relating to material and financial resources; social relations; services, amenities and mobility; civic activities; space and place; and cultural aspects.

These will be used to construct a comparative analysis of social exclusion among older people in Ireland, north and south, and to investigate the feasibility of constructing a cross-border measure of age-related social exclusion.

Dr Walsh will be advised by an expert group from nine different countries. 

Multimorbidity and disability in the Irish population

CARDI Involvement

Project Lead

Dr George Savva, Trinity College Dublin


  • Dr. George Savva, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, TCD
    (Principal Investigator)
  • Mark Hanly, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Olga McDaid, Department of Health Policy and Management, TCD
  • Kathryn Richardson, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Prof. RoseAnne Kenny, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Prof. Frank Kee, The Centre for Public Health, QUBTrinity College Dublin
Multimorbidity is common in older people and is a fundamental determinant of quality of life and resource utilisation. This project will map the distribution of multimorbidity, test whether socio-economic factors affect the relationship between multimorbidity and limiting disability and whether these factors explain differences between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
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