Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, A Fair Deal

  • Republic of Ireland

21st July 2015, Department of Health (ROI)

Department of Health (ROI)

The Department of Health (ROI) Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme was published on Monday 20 July 2015.  The Review was carried out by the Department in collaboration with the Health Service Executive with input from Deloitte and Touche as external consultants.

Specific recommendations are to:

  • standardise or centralise certain administrative processes;
  • develop the use of information technology and web-based systems;
  • enhance application materials and make these easier to understand;
  • improve procedures used in the validation of financial information submitted by applicants and in the recovery of deferred contributions; and
  • develop new approaches to setting nursing home prices to ensure that value, adequate capacity, and transparency are achieved.

The government has decided to establish a Working Group composed of representatives of a number of Departments, the HSE and the National Treatment Purchase Fund (where relevant)  to oversee implementation of these recommendations. Read more here.