Options for care funding: What could be done now?

  • Northern Ireland
  • UK

11th May 2009, JRF

Sue Collins

This Joseph Rowntree Publication brings together a number of solutions to the current care provison systems in the UK.

It highlights how the current economic climate could negatively impact the present long term care funding model. Further concerns include the unsustainable payment system and predicted demographic change, inconsistencies in policy that determine who pays what and variations in entitlements from one local authority to the next, and general confusion as to who is responsible for making payments.

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Services care services layout some solutions to current long term care payment difficulties.

Some of these include:

  1. Co-payments/social insurance scheme –residents pay a monthly fee according to their age,established at the outset
  2. Loan stock/bonds scheme – new residents invest in the scheme, giving them a rebate on their residential or nursing care fee
  3. Double the personal expenses allowance for people living in care homes supported by
    local authorities
  4. Mixed tenure and affordable housing with care – as demonstrated by a new partnership scheme in Hartlepool.

Accoring to this paper the above demonstrate ways to make the current system fairer and focused on individual needs. It also states the need for policy and practice change now for a fairer and more sustainable system into the future.

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