Mindfulness meditation and sleep among older adults

  • International

8th April 2015, Jama Internal Medicine

David S. Black, PhD, Gillian A. O’Reilly, Richard Olmstead, Elizabeth C. Breen, Michael R. Irwin

Sleep disturbances are most prevalent among older adults and often go untreated. Treatment options for sleep disturbances remain limited, and there is a need for community-accessible programs that can improve sleep. This study by researchers at the University of Southern California and UCLA examined the efficacy of a mind-body medicine intervention, called mindfulness meditation, to promote sleep quality in older adults with moderate sleep disturbances. The study found that formalised mindfulness-based interventions have clinical importance by possibly serving to remediate sleep problems among older adults in the short term, and this effect appears to carry over into reducing sleep-related daytime impairment that has implications for quality of life. Read the full paper here.