HSE’s Elder Abuse Services for 2014

22nd June 2015, Health Service Executive (HSE)

Health Service Executive (HSE)

The Health Service Executive (HSE) (ROI) recently published its 7th review of the HSE’s Elder Abuse Services for 2014. In 2014, there were  a total of 2,592 referrals made to the elder abuse service which is an increase of 5% on referrals from 2013.  This represents the largest number of referrals received in any year since the service was established. Of these psychological abuse was the most frequently reported form of abuse at 29%, followed by financial abuse (21%), self-neglect (21%), neglect (15%) and physical abuse (12%). In total, 66% of referrals related to females and, of these, the majority were in the over 80s age category (54%). Read the report here.