Global AgeWatch Index 2014

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6th October 2014, HelpAge International

HelpAge International

HelpAge International recently launched (1 October 2014) the Global AgeWatch Index 2014 ranking 96 countries according to the social and economic wellbeing of older people. According to the index, Norway is the best country in the world to grow old in. It overtakes Sweden which topped the rankings in 2013.

 ROI was in 20th position for income security, 17th for health status, 34th for capability and 16th for enabling environment. The relatively low position for capability reflects the low education levels of the older population and the low levels of employment of people over 60. The index notes that ROI has a life expectancy at 60 of 24 years (with a healthy life expectancy of 17.5 years).

By comparison, the UK was ranked 11th for income security, 27th for health status, 23rd for capability and 3rd for enabling environment. The difference in health status between ROI (17th place) and UK (27th place) is in psychological wellbeing – 97% of people over the age of 50 in ROI felt that their life had meaning compared to younger age groups. On the other hand, the UK scored far higher on enabling environment, with access to public transport being stronger than in ROI and older people having more social connections that they felt they could rely on. Read more here.