Functional trajectories among older persons before and after critical illness

  • International

8th April 2015, Jama Internal Medicine

Lauren E. Ferrante, Margaret A. Pisani, MD, Terrence E. Murphy, Evelyne A. Gahbauer, MD, Linda S. Leo-Summers, Thomas M. Gill

Little is known about functional trajectories of older persons in the year before and after admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) or how pre-ICU functional trajectories affect post-ICU functional trajectories and death. This study carried out by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine examined functional trajectories in the year before and after ICU admission and to evaluate the associations among pre-ICU functional trajectories and post-ICU functional trajectories, short-term mortality, and long-term mortality. Among older persons with critical illness, more than half died within 1 month or experienced significant functional decline over the following year, with particularly poor outcomes in those who had high levels of premorbid disability. These results may help to inform discussions about prognosis and goals of care before and during critical illness. Read more here.