Focus on...Innovative community projects for older people

  • Northern Ireland

27th February 2014,

Conor Breen


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Focus on...Innovative community projects for older people

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This edition of the CARDI “Focus on . . .” series looks at community projects for older people across the island of Ireland. The CARDI research shows innovations can harness the contributions of older people as a social resource.

Key Findings

  • In ROI, over half of the income for non-profit organisations comes from state grants or contracts (53%) while in NI, government and public bodies provide 62% of income (The Wheel, 2012) (NICVA, 2012).
  • Older people are the main beneficiary group of 8.4% of voluntary and community groups in NI (NICVA, 2012).
  • Higher levels of social engagement result in lower levels of physical and cognitive limitations over time, as well as a lower risk of mortality (Thomas, 2011) (Thomas, 2012).
  • Low mobility is associated with low social engagement even in the absence of disability (Rosso et al., 2013).
  • There is a new paradigm for growing old in communities that highlights the unique contributions of older adults as a core social resource (Black, Dobbs, & Young, 2012).
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