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CARDI E-bulletin April 2013

24th April 2013, CARDI

Our e-bulletin provides up-to-date information on ageing research including seminars, funding opportunities, latest research and innovation.

Read CARDI E-bulletin April 2013 here.

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Learning from CARDI Data Mining 2013 Call

16th April 2013, CARDI

This paper makes some general comments on the CARDI Data Mining 2013 Call.  

It discusses ineligable applicants and analyses why applicants were successful.  As in previous Calls, there is no individual feedback to applicants.

Read more here.


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Healthy Ireland: Overview of new plan to tackle Ireland's health trends

15th April 2013, CARDI

Healthy Ireland is a new national framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Ireland over the coming generation.  It sets out four central goals for improved health and wellbeing and outlines clear routes and strategies to achieve these goals, in which all people and all parts of society can participate. 

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Ireland third best place in Europe for active ageing

20th March 2013, CARDI

Only Sweden and Denmark rank higher in Europe for active ageing, whilst UK comes fourth, in new European Active Ageing Index. 
Twenty seven European countries have been ranked against each other in a new Active Ageing Index issued by the European Commission and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) this month.  The index is a new analytical tool to help policy makers develop policies for active and healthy ageing.
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Extra healthy years or just extra years?

8th March 2013, HRB, IPH, CARDI

What can we know from the data we have on the island of Ireland? 

As life expectancy continues to rise, the prevalence of chronic conditions is increasing in our society. However, we do not know if the extra years of life gained are being spent with disability and illness, or in good health.

Furthermore, it is unclear if all groups in society experience their extra years of life in the same way.