Building bridges between neuroscientific evidence and policy

  • UK

16th February 2015, The Lancet

Gianluca Quaglioemail , Mairead McGuinness , Paul Rübig , David Nutt , Theodoros Karapiperis , Massimo Pandolfo , Thomas Christian Südhof

Calls have been made for closer integration of research evidence in the decision-making process of the European Union (EU). However, scientists and policymakers are often left disappointed by each other; the scientists because they feel that they are not listened to by policymakers, and policymakers because the advice from scientists is not what they expected or because they find it unintelligible. Findings from a survey of European policymakers showed that even though policymakers expressed a clear desire for increased links between research initiatives and the decision-making process, they rarely viewed scientific evidence as relevant in a policymaking context. Read the full article here.