Attitudes and knowledge of dementia

  • Northern Ireland

6th November 2014, ARK


In 2010, ARK carried out survey research on public attitudes and knowledge of dementia in Northern Ireland, as part of the Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey.  This is a nationally-representative social attitudes survey including adults aged 18 years or over, and 1204 individuals were interviewed in the 2010 survey.  The questions covered knowledge of dementia, perceptions of people with dementia, attitudes towards people with dementia, and capacity for independent living.  This research was funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies. 

Outputs from this project include:

  • Mc Parland, P, Devine, P, Innes, A and Gayle, V (2012) ‘Dementia knowledge and attitudes of the general public in Northern Ireland: an analysis of National Survey Data’, International Psychogeriatrics, Volume 24, Issue 10, pp. 1600-1613
  • Dementia: public knowledge and attitudes (Research Update 77) by Maria McManus and Paula Devine. This was accompanied by a seminar - see the video recording here.
  • Attitudes to, and knowledge of, dementia in Northern Ireland (ARK Occasional Paper) by Lizanne Dowds, Patricia McParland, Paula Devine and Ann Marie Gray.


Tables of results, questionnaires and datasets relating to this project can be found on the NILT website at