Stay active - the physical activity, ageing and health study

CARDI Involvement
CARDI grant programme


  • Professor Marie Murphy, Physical Activity and Health, University Ulster
  • Dr Niamh Murphy, Physical Activity and Public Health, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Dr Catherine Woods, Physical Activity and Public Health, Dublin City University
  • Dr Aoife Lane, Research Methods and Statistics in Exercise and Health, Waterford Institute Technology


  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland

Project Lead

Dr Elaine Murtagh, Mary Immaculate College



Funding source

CARDI - Data Mining 2013





Last updated

6th June 2014
Regular moderate exercise is very important for maintaining good health in older age. This project will examine some of the factors linked with physical activity, such as socio-economic status, education level and access to leisure facilities.

It will assess the relationship between physical activity and self-reported health status as well as objective measures of cardiovascular disease risk.

Dr Murtagh’s research may help policy makers design interventions most likely to increase physical activity among older people.


Read the research brief here: Physical activity, ageing and health.pdf

Read the full report here

Key Findings:

  • A weekly level of 150 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity is recommended for older adults*.
  • Only 37% of 60-64 year olds in the Republic of Ireland and 22% in Northern Ireland get enough physical activity.
  • Physical activity declines with age: adults aged 75+ years are on average 2.5 times more likely than 60-64 year olds to be insufficiently active.
  • Women are on average 75% less likely to be sufficiently active than men.

*National Guidelines on Physical Activity (Department of Health and Children/Health Service Executive, 2009)