Multimorbidity and disability in the Irish population

CARDI Involvement
CARDI grant programme


  • Dr. George Savva, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, TCD
    (Principal Investigator)
  • Mark Hanly, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Olga McDaid, Department of Health Policy and Management, TCD
  • Kathryn Richardson, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Prof. RoseAnne Kenny, The Irish Longitudinal Study onAgeing, TCD
  • Prof. Frank Kee, The Centre for Public Health, QUBTrinity College Dublin


  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland

Project Lead

Dr George Savva, Trinity College Dublin



Funding source

CARDI - Data Mining


2010 / 2011



Last updated

26th September 2013
Multimorbidity is common in older people and is a fundamental determinant of quality of life and resource utilisation. This project will map the distribution of multimorbidity, test whether socio-economic factors affect the relationship between multimorbidity and limiting disability and whether these factors explain differences between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The objectives of the project are to describe the patterns of co-occurrence of major chronic diseases, estimate and map the number of people with multimorbidity at local level and determine the effect of socio-economic status and living arrangements.

Read the CARDI research brief here.