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Last updated

5th August 2013

Lead Researchers: ID Formation, Caring for Carers Ireland, Ingegra Plus, Santiago, ADMR, SCF, Spisska Nova Ves. 

The Family Carer project is part of the European programme Leonardo Da Vinci. This programme aims at promoting a Europe of knowledge through continuous learning which contributes to a sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and a greater social cohesion. To this end, the programme counts on, among others, improving transparency and recognition of qualifications and skills including those acquired through non-formal education, that is, not professionally recognized. In order to achieve this objective, the Family Carer project involves:


- Establishing a common schedule of transverse competencies, specific to the type of persons cared for (elderly, disabled, etc.).

- Comparing this schedule with the different types of qualification courses, specific to each country, in order to provide additional training to family carers so that they could be able to improve their abilities for the future employability.


- Comparing the schedule of competencies with the requirements identified in companies of the tertiary sector;

- Informing family carers about the possibility of a support for professional qualification and employability;


- At an experimental level:


Supporting the carers in the recognition process of their informally acquired competencies (The family carer’s guide 2007 French department of family welfare will be taken as reference point)


Suggesting training modules (complementary to the competencies acquired) or guidance modules to relevant training organizations.


Proposing methods of inclusion within the European Qualification Framework and the corresponding mention in the carer’s card.


The result of the project will be used by unemployed or active persons in the area of elderly and dependent care.