Decision-making regarding medication use in patients with dementia at the end of life

CARDI Involvement
CARDI grant programme


  • Professor Carmel Hughes, Chair in Primary Care Pharmacy, Queen's University Belfast
  • Professor Peter Passmore, Department of Geriatric Medicine, Queen's University Belfast
  • Dr Denis O'Mahony, University College Cork
  • Dr Stephen Byrne, University College Cork
  • Alzheimer's Society (NI) and the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland (ROI)


  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland

Project Lead

Dr Carole Parsons, Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Queens University Belfast



Funding source

CARDI - Call 3





Last updated

14th August 2013
Despite the increase in the prevalence and incidence of dementia research into palliative care for patients with advanced dementia is limited. This novel study will seek to evaluate, in Ireland (North and South), the extent to which patient-related factors influence clinical decision-making in respect to medication use in patients with end-stage dementia. 

Factors may include the residence of the patient (community-dwelling, resident in a nursing home or hospital), the presence or lack thereof of an advance direction and family involvement. The findings from this study will contribute to the evidence base for improving end of life care for people with dementia. 

The project will bring together researchers from Queen’s University Belfast with University College Cork as well as professional health workers from North and South. The Alzheimer’s Society (NI) and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland (ROI) will be involved in an advisory capacity.