Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Carer Stress on Subsequent Institutionalisation of Community-Dwelling Older People

  • Republic of Ireland

22nd June 2015, PLOS ONE

Nora-Ann Donnelly , Anne Hickey, Annette Burns, Paul Murphy, Frank Doyle RCSI

In the caregiving literature there is a common assertion that a higher level of carer stress is a critical determinant of premature ending of homecare. However, this contention has not been systematically assessed. This analysis carried out by researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (published in PLOS ONE) systematically reviewed and meta-analysed the prospective association between various forms of carer stress and subsequent institutionalisation of community-dwelling older people. Despite strong statements to the contrary, it appears that the effect of carer stress on subsequent care recipient institutionalisation is small to negligible. The current findings point to a biased literature, with significant small study effects. The results suggest a need to re-evaluate the degree to which carer stress predicts premature ending of home care. Read more here.