Dr Charlotte Neville

Meet the CARDI Fellows: Charlotte Neville

Employed by Queen’s University Belfast

Mentor: Professor Jayne Woodside

Dr Charlotte Neville obtained her PhD in nutritional epidemiology in the Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast in 2010.  She also holds a BSc Honours degree in Human Nutrition and a M Phil from the University of Ulster.  Her research has centred around the role of diet and lifestyle on health and disease outcomes including obesity, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal health and cognitive health, ranging from adolescent populations through to older adults.  In recent years, Dr Neville’s research has expanded into lifestyle and ageing.  She was trial manager of the Ageing and Dietary Intervention Trial (ADIT) examining the effect of increased fruit and vegetable consumption on measures of immune function and musculoskeletal health in older adults.

In her research, as a CARDI Fellow, Dr Neville will explore the association between fruit and vegetable intake, retinal microvascular health and cognitive decline and dementia risk.  Accurate assessment of dietary intake in older populations is vital to unravel the potential role of diet in healthy ageing.  The research will examine the efficacy of assessment methods currently used in NICOLA and test other potential dietary assessment methods that may be particularly suited to older people. Her research will also draw on TILDA to examine the topic of dietary intake and its link to dementia in older people.