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Attitudes of Disabled and Older People to Public Transport

19th May 2015, Department for Regional Development (DRD)

This statistical report presents the results of the Attitudes of Disabled and Older People to Public Transport Survey that was developed by the Central Statistics and Research Branch (CSRB) in the Department for Regional Development (DRD) in conjunction with the Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee and carried out between 17 November 2014 and 16 January 2015.  This is the first such report produced by CSRB.  It can be accessed on the DRD website here.


The 2015 Ageing Report

19th May 2015, The European Commission

The European Commission recently published a report on ageing in EU countries. Due to revised population projections in 2013 it is now predicting that the effect of ageing on public spending (specifically pensions, long-term care and healthcare) will be “less pronounced” than previously thought. Population ageing is not happening as quickly as expected in all but 4 EU member states. Read more here.

TILDA Wave 2 Data

18th May 2015, TILDA

The Wave 2 data from TILDA are now available from the Irish Social Science Data Archive at UCD:

An updated version of the Wave 1 data is also available from ISSDA, along with new release notes for each wave.

You can now also find the study documents to accompany the TILDA waves. Please click here for the links to download them.

Mediterranean diet and age-related cognitive decline

12th May 2015, Jama Internal Medicine

Oxidative stress and vascular impairment are believed to partly mediate age-related cognitive decline, a strong risk factor for development of dementia. Epidemiologic studies suggest that a Mediterranean diet, an antioxidant-rich cardioprotective dietary pattern, delays cognitive decline, but clinical trial evidence is lacking. This Spanish clinical study investigates whether a Mediterranean diet supplemented with antioxidant-rich foods influences cognitive function compared with a control diet.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit 2015: Recommendations

11th May 2015, National Institute on Aging (US)

The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Summit 2015: Path to Treatment and Prevention held Feb. 9-10 brought together leading experts on Alzheimer’s disease and other complex diseases to identify research priorities and strategies needed to accelerate the development of successful therapies.

Over 60 leading experts from academia, industry, non-profit organisations and advocacy groups joined to develop the research recommendations. 

Growing the Silver Economy

5th May 2015, European Commission

Launched during the European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing in March 2015, the background document 'Growing the Silver Economy', drafted jointly by different Directorates-General within the European Commission, is a first attempt to present what the Silver Economy has to offer in a rapidly ageing Europe and what the European Union is already doing to support it. Read more and download the document here (in full and summary versions)

Active Ageing Index 2014 analytical report

5th May 2015, European Commission's Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Using the right tool to adequately monitor the impact of a wide range of policies is necessary to manage population ageing. This is the purpose of the Active Ageing Index (AAI) which measures the extent to which older people can realise their full potential in terms of employment, participation in social and cultural life and independent living, as well as the extent to which the environment they live in enables seniors to lead an active life. A report has just been issued which compiles the work of the Active Ageing Index project.

Final Implementation Assessment Report of the EU Year 2012 for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

5th May 2015, European Parliament

Following an external evaluation of European Year 2012 for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations and the report on the implementation, results and overall assessment of that European Year released by the European Commission on 15 September 2014, the European Parliament's Directorate-General for Parliamentary Research Services has published a European Implementation Assessment of the EU Year 2012. Read more here.