Poor care in hospital is delaying discharge of patients with dementia, charity says

  • Northern Ireland
  • UK

19th November 2009, BMJ

Zosia Kmietowicz

People with dementia are staying far longer in hospital thanpeople being treated for the same illnesses or injuries whodon’t have dementia, says a new report.

The Alzheimer’s Society, which published the report, alsofound that nearly half (47%) of carers said that being in hospitalhad a negative effect on the physical health of the person withdementia. More than half (54%) said that being in hospital hadalso made the person’s dementia worse. A third of thosewho are admitted to hospital are unable to return home afterwardsand enter a care home instead.

The charity blames the longer stays on a lack of person centredcare in hospitals, poor communication with patients, and problemsin keeping patients safe and in the discharge process, includingaccess to additional services such as physiotherapy.

It is calling for hospitals to reduce the average length ofstay for a person . . .[Full text of this article]