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Older hospital patients face "widespread and systematic" pattern of poor care

27th July 2015, London School of Economics

Older hospital patients in England face a “widespread and systematic” pattern of inadequate care. An estimated one million people in later life are affected by poor or inconsistent standards of dignity or help with eating in hospitals, according to a detailed statistical analysis of inpatient experience data in NHS hospitals in England.

Opportunity Knocks: Designing Solutions for an Ageing Society

27th July 2015, International Longevity Centre UK

This report, a collaboration between the International Longevity Centre-UK, the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Design Centre, highlights the vital role of good design, technology and innovation in planning for ageing populations.

The Gateway to Global Aging Data

27th July 2015, The Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy at the Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR)

The Gateway to Global Aging Data is a platform for population survey data on aging around the world.  This site offers a digital library of survey questions, a search engine for finding comparable questions across surveys, and identically defined variables for cross-country analysis. Learn more here.

‘Will Grandad Remember Me’: dementia educational and awareness programme

27th July 2015, Dementia Services Information and Development Centre

‘Will Grandad Remember Me’ is a dementia educational and awareness programme developed by the Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSIDC).  The aim of the programme is to increase awareness among secondary school students about ageing and dementia and to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Alzheimer's disease and of the risk factors for dementia, especially lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, and obesity. Read more here.

Homicidal ideation in family carers of people with dementia

27th July 2015, Griffith University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland

Family carers having homicidal thoughts about their loved one with dementia is a “real and significant phenomenon” according to researchers at Griffith University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland, which reaffirms the profound pressures facing carers. Seven themes were identified in the study – active thoughts of homicide; understanding homicidal thoughts in others; passive thoughts of death; euthanasia; homicidal thoughts in other caregiving situations; abuse; and disclosing thoughts of harm.

HIQA Annual overview report on the regulation of designated centres for older people – 2014

27th July 2015, Health Information and Quality Authority

In 2014, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) carried out 758 inspections of 549 nursing homes, 58% of which were unannounced and 42% announced. Inspections assessed compliance with the relevant regulations and National Standards and made judgments regarding each provider’s ongoing fitness to operate a centre.

Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, A Fair Deal

21st July 2015, Department of Health (ROI)

The Department of Health (ROI) Review of the Nursing Homes Support Scheme was published on Monday 20 July 2015.  The Review was carried out by the Department in collaboration with the Health Service Executive with input from Deloitte and Touche as external consultants.

Specific recommendations are to:

Irish life expectancy tables: CSO release

15th July 2015, Central Statistics Office

The ROI's Central Statistics Office (CSO) latest life tables show a 1.5 year life expectancy increase for men and 1.1 year increase for women between 2006 and 2011. Life expectancy at birth has increased significantly for both men and women since the first official life table was compiled in 1926. Over the 85 year period to 2011, male life expectancy increased by 20.9 years (36.4%), while female life expectancy increased by 24.8 years (42.8%).  See the tables here.

CARDI E-Bulletin June 2015

CARDI Involvement

25th June 2015, CARDI

CARDI's  e-bulletin provides up-to-date information on ageing research including seminars, funding opportunities, latest research and innovation.

Read CARDI Ebulletin: June 2015 here.