European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations

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12th January 2012, CARDI

Nicola Donnelly

The 2012 European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations aims to raise awareness about the rapidly ageing EU population, promote an age-friendly environment and find new solutions to turn ageing into an opportunity. Nicola Donnelly, CARDI's Communications Officer writes:

Last year's European Union’s Third Demography Report highlighted the demographic challenges faced by the EU and its member states. It confirmed that ” Europeans are living longer and healthier lives” and that “the structure of Europe’s population is continuing to change with the number of over 60s in the EU is growing by 2 million each year.”  It also noted”an increase in life expectancy where, on average, Europeans are now living two to three months longer for every year.”


Old age is often associated with illness, dependency and exclusion from employment, family and society, but with the number of over-60s rising by 2 million a year in the EU and an increasingly healthy older generation, the European year aims to change this mentality and help develop an active ageing culture.

A range of different activities are being organised for 2012 from age-friendly sports clubs to projects bringing young children and seniors together. Click here to find out what events are being organised near you.

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